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Gene Green wrote:
Looking at a Youngstown Steel Door Co. ad on the rear cover of the June 17, 1937 issue of Railway Age shows PMcK&Y USRA single-sheathed box car number S-81290 before and after rebuilding . . .
When rebuilding the car would the truss members be left in place? Reused somehow? Discarded with a new structure attached to the side sill?
Gene, rebuilding these cars normally used modern sheet steel sides, as in the case of these PMcK&Y cars and many others. The new sides did not need diagonal truss members but had inside posts, as with other steel box cars.

How did the car get wider?
By not including the width of the truss, the car skin could be at the outside of the car width. You can see it on the ends, which usually had to be widened or replaced to accommodate the new inside width.

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