Re: NYC PMcK&Y USRA S-S box cars

Larry Kline

Gene Green asked:
Would the paint scheme on the rebuilt car have survived from 1934 rebuilding all the way to scrapping? The picture shows pretty standard lettering with the PMcK&Y reporting marks and a New York Central Lines herald with the box car color as the background color. The before and after photos of these cars also appeared in the 1937 and several later CBCycs.

The reporting marks on most of these cars were changed from PMcK&Y to P&LE by 1940. All were changed by 1951. See the _rebuilds_ tab in the Excel speadsheet _USRA SS boxcars_ that I posted in the files section.

There is a Richard Hendrickson article about the P&LE rebuilds, and the Tichy kit for the P&LE rebuilds, in the July 1993 issue of Railmodel Journal. The prototype photo in that article and, other 1940s and 1950s photos that I have, all show the later _New York Central System_ herald.

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

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