Re: Freight car distribution, but not the usual question.

Doug Rhodes

Hello Clark

Names sometimes arose before places looked on the map the way they do today.

When Ontario entered Canada it was a much smaller province, basically just the area immediately north of the Great Lakes. In 1867 the term "southwestern Ontario" would have made more sense given the shape of the province on the map. You can google or check here to see

Sort of like that university in Chicago area called "Northwestern" when it might be more logical to call it "Midwestern", but Chicago was once in the "northwest" of the USA. Which is also why Seattle is in the "Pacific northwest" as opposed to any other kind.

Freight cars also sometimes carry names that no longer make much geographic sense (mandatory content!)

Doug Rhodes

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Just so we're clear,I don't get it either.
But there are many things in my life I don't always understand, and I
think we should leave it at that.
Pierre Oliver

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> > Frank is correct in calling that region Southwestern Ontario. The
> > region you are referring to is generally called Northern Ontario. >
> Pierre Oliver
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> Gee, I guess I got a geography lesson? Here I always thought we
> traveled to NW Ontario. It's just northern? There's no west? You sire
> you aren't from Quebec? He he
> In North Central Iowa, part of the Upper Mid-west.
> Clark Propst

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