Re: NYC PMcK&Y USRA S-S box cars

Gene Green <bierglaeser@...>

Thanks for those two very useful references. I'll print out both and
put them with my NYC material.
Gene Green

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Gene Green wrote:
"It seems easier to find model matches for the PRR cars. The NYC
subsidiaries appear to present more of a challenge. That is why I
asked all the questions."

I think the biggest reason behind the under-representation of NYC
boxcars on a typical layout (aside from SPFs with a tenuous grip on
reality) is a lack of understanding of the NYC boxcar fleet brought
on by the Byzantine lot number system. For example, almost
on this list knows what a PRR Class X29 boxcar is, but how many of
you know off the top of your head what a NYC Lot 414-B boxcar looks
like? (Answer at bottom of page.)

For more online on understanding the NYC boxcar fleet, see:

Jeff English's handout from the 2000 Hunt Valley PM Meet on the

Terry Link's breakdown of NYC freight car lots, including links to
equipment diagrams and photos:

Ben Hom

Answer: The most under-represented car on steam era layouts, Lot
B is a 1000-car lot of NYC's 8 ft 7 in IH USRA-design steel boxcars,
NYC 180000-180999 (original), renumbered to NYC 101000-101999. If
you take all of the different IH of these cars as a group, the
numbers are on the same order as the PRR X29 fleet.

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