Re: Air Dump Car Question...


I would say the rod should be shiny. Whether the cylinder is air or hydraulic the seal at that end has to be maintained in good condition to withstand the pressures inside the cylinder. If the rod becomes dirty or pitted it will allow leakage and reduce efficiency.

In operation the rod will barely be exposed when the hopper body is in the normal position. the rod will be highly visible in the raised or dumping position.

That is my proffessional opinion.

Robert Federle
---- Jack Burgess <jack@...> wrote:

I'm in the process of painting a model of a Western air operated side dump
car. These cars had an air cylinder on each side of the frame to raise the
body for dumping. My question...should the piston rod coming out of these
air cylinders be a "shiny" steel color similar to the steel piston rods you
see on hydraulic construction equipment such as backhoes or some other

Jack Burgess

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