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I have not studied these cars other than photos either. I have over 30 years as a Marine Chief Engineer and worked with thousands of Pneumati and Hydraulic Cylinders.

The cylinders would not necessarily have to at mid stroke with the body in normal position. As long as the rod end ("Live End") has a clevis that can act as a hinge that cylinder can be fully retracted while the opposite side works. The same arrangements would be on the opposite side.

Technically, the cylinder should be fully retracted for strength since the opposite will be "pushing" against it. If the application wiould need precision possitioning you would need all cylinders to operate with some sort of individual control device for that positioning.

Lastly, those dump cars used air. If the cylinder were not fully retracted, that opposite side would be "spongy' and not support the weight very well. We have pneumatic cylinders for positioning and they do not have much force. Hydraulics would be needed for strength and force.

If you could substitute the (assumed) plastic "rods" for steel you would not have to worry about paint as you would have the real steel finish.

Hope I have not confused you further.

Robert Federle
---- Jack Burgess <> wrote:

That is what I was thinking too. Unfortunately, the photos that I have don't
show the rod that well. But if one side of the dump goes up, the other side
has to go down and thus it would seem that both rods need to be at mid-level
in the non-dump position. On the other hand, I might be mis-understanding
the operations....


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On Oct 24, 2008, at 7:40 PM, Jack Burgess wrote:

I'm in the process of painting a model of a Western air operated
side dump
car. These cars had an air cylinder on each side of the frame to
raise the
body for dumping. My question...should the piston rod coming out of
air cylinders be a "shiny" steel color similar to the steel piston
rods you
see on hydraulic construction equipment such as backhoes or some other

Jack, in the photos I have of air dump cars, the shiny piston rods
are only visible when they are extended in order to tip the dump
body, not when they are in the normal position with the body level.

Richard Hendrickson


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