Re: giraffe loading, 1955

Richard White

I must be the only member of this group who has loaded giraffes onto a railroad car.
This was in East Africa on the metre gauge East African Railways in 1969/70.
We did not sedate them, they are docile in captivity.
We didn't use box cars but low-side gondolas.
The giraffe were loaded in crates - one per crate.
We loaded two crates to a car and one attendant rode on every car.
The crates were fitted with adjustable cross-bars so that the giraffe was compelled to keep its head within load-gauge.
The trip from Tororo to Mombasa took two days and was the finest railroading experience on the planet. Descending the Mau escarpment from Timboroa summit at dawn was pure magic a memory that remains vivid nearly 40 years later and which I will treasure until the day that I die.
Richard White

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