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I remember seeing, either on this or another list, a depressed center flat car with a specially built wood enclosure complete with overhanging side air vents (similar to the radiator overhang on later GE diesels) for carrying standing giraffes. I think it was a 1950s photo. There was a container on the car platform for storing feed. Periodically, the car was stopped for feeding the giraffe. The animal handler would open a door/hatch on the upper front of the enclosure and hand food up to the giraffe. I don't know how the giraffe was tethered, perhaps like a horse in a horse trailer. It was a fascinating photo, not your every day rail shipment. I don't remember if the car was in a circus train or if it was a special shipment . If I can find it, I'll post it.
Norm Larkin

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Circus Stock Cars were taller than normal Automobile Box Cars, but not so much so that giraffes could stand up with their necks stretched at normal posture.
I guess they just got a pain in the neck or laid down.
Charlie Vlk

Hello Everyone,

Did they sedate the giraffe ? How did the circus do it?

John Riba

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