Re: New Bulkhead HO scale 70-ton flatcar

Peter Ness

Back home with references now..

In 1958 and 1959 seven New Haven 17300-series 70-ton flats were
converted with the application of lading band anchors and bulkheads
by Pullman at Worcester, MA to series 19000-19006, Class FM-S.

Car numbers as follows:
19000 from 17335
19001 from 17324
19002 from 17336
19003 from 17366
19004 from 17361
19005 from 17389
19006 from 17398

I'll point out that car 19005 is shown on NH sketch 26047 as
converted from 17889. I belive this to be an error since 17800-
series NH flats were of a completely different design.

Also, beyond the scope of this group an additional group of twelve
17300-series flats was converted with short bulkheads for brick
service to the 19100-19111 series.

A reminder that many NH 17300-series flats were in TOFC service ca.


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