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A new list member.
. . .
Did any of the short car last into the 50s? A short car would make
interesting addition to my car fleet.
Hi Earl

Welcome to our list! If you check the Excel file that I mentioned in
my post, you will see that in the July 1950 ORER there were 23,242
short cars (from a U.S. total of 712,098 box, auto and ventilator
cars) - a little over 3% of the fleet. Over half of these were in the
Southern ICC region (15,458), with the L&N, SEABOARD, and ACL leading
the list.

The file is in the Files section of our list and is called
"Number_of_boxcars_by_road_and_length_1932-1950.xls". Excel "readers"
are available for free download at a variety of sites on the web.

Best wishes,
Larry Ostresh
Laramie, Wyoming

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