Re: A Great Decline

Earl T. Hackett <hacketet@...>

Thanks for that bit of info. I've been looking for some interesting
freight car projects and a couple of ventilator boxes was at the top
of the list, but I just didn't know if they would be correct for 1952.
Since I model the eastern section of the C&O there was direct
interchange with all three of the lines mentioned below. Somewhere in
this stack of stuff I have drawings of a couple of them.

As for those big wooden box cars - also somewhere in the same stack I
have photos of several 50' double sheathed cars and IIRC, a single
sheathed car. I have always considered them a rarity and thus have
never modeled one. Maybe I should do something about that.

--- In, "laramielarry" <ostresh@...> wrote:
in the July 1950 ORER there were 23,242
short cars (from a U.S. total of 712,098 box, auto and ventilator
cars) - a little over 3% of the fleet. Over half of these were in
Southern ICC region (15,458), with the L&N, SEABOARD, and ACL
the list.

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