Seeking Good Phone Numbers for Burg, Bob's Photo, and Paul Dunn

Bob McCarthy

Howdy Ted and all others,
     Thankyou for your assistance and taking the time find correct information on these parties listed below.
     To recap I need good phone numbers and addresses for the following people;
                   Bob's Photo,
                   P.O. Box 209,
                   Farmers, KY 40319          for CofGa Door and a Half Boxcar #6357
                   PH: 606-780-9905  Not working, need number
                   Charles Winters
                   Kansas City, KS ????     for CofGa Door and a Half Boxcar #6427
                   PH; Unknown
                   Richard Burg
                   2155 E. Whittemore,
                   Burton, Mich. 48529        for CofGa Door and a Half Boxcar #6715

                   PH:  313-483-8199   Not working, need number
     Let me thank everyone ahead of time for your assistance.
Bob McCarthy

--- On Mon, 10/27/08, Ted Schnepf <> wrote:

From: Ted Schnepf <>
Subject: Re: [STMFC] Naperville-New Shipper Guide
Date: Monday, October 27, 2008, 4:30 PM

Hi Everyone,
As in the past Rails Unlimited will be at Naperville and will take
all kinds of payment, possibly including bartering.

I will have many HO scale models, and the newest books, including
those of freight cars.

My newest Shippers Guide is for the Great Northern RR. It is 319
pages and lists all towns, in order, on the GN, and all industries in
that town, and which railroads serve it, and any special notes about
the industry. The book has a comb binding so it opens flat while
preparing prototype way bills for your freight cars.

This book joins the other new book, the Missouri Pacific Shippers
Guide. Others in the series include Milw (2 each), CNW, UP, C&EI, RI
and Chicago Switching district. These earlier books can be viewed at
my website below. For those not coming to Naperville, I can also
handle mail orders.

On the O scale urethane car front will have PRR GRA and ACL K7 gons
and the newest the B&O M53 wagontop boxcar. All with custom decals.

There are still some operators openings for the Sunday morning op session.

See you in Naperville


Rails Unlimited
Ted Schnepf
railsunl@sbcglobal. net
847-697-5353 or 5366
126 Will Scarlet
Elgin, Ill. 60120
http://RailsUnlimit ed.ribbonrail. com/

Model Railroad Sales and Service with
a personal touch.
Books new and used. HO and O scales.
DCC supplies. O scale urethane cars.
Photos and darkroom services.
Checks, cash (0%) or credit (secure server at web site 4% added).

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