Hopper Car Air Line Details

Allen Cain <allencain@...>

Does anyone have photos or drawings showing the air line piping and other
various details below the slope on the brake air tank end of the car. I
would like to add at least the airline piping to these cars since it is so
visible but none of the photos that I have show this area very clearly.

We just moved to the Tampa area and all of my reference books are in boxes
so I cannot even get to them right now.

If you have similar info for any hopper car in the early 1950's I would sure
appreciate it as well as I would like to do the same for my other hopper

As I am a "digest" subscriber, I would appreciate any info being mailed
directly to me as attachments which, if approved by the sender, I could be
shared with others on request.

Allen Cain

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