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Several clarifications:

Charles Winters passed away several years ago, and had been in poor
health for some time before that.

His collection went to Lou Marre of Dayton, Ohio. Lou leases the
sought-after freight car collection to Jay Williams of Indianapolis.
Jay Williams (as Big Four Graphics) will probably be at Naperville
and is the readily available source for the Winters photos you seek.
Google around and find Jay's phone number, under Williams or Big Four

The Winters freight car photos were mostly taken by fellow Kansas
City resident Gene Sisk, who was the Chicago, South Shore, and South
Bend Rairoad freight represetative there in the 1950's. Sisk took
his camera while calling on accounts. Winters inherited the Sisk

Winters himself took little interest in freight cars, but he could
not keep us freight car guys clamoring for prints away. He was
accomodating, and made some good hobby money from printing them up.

Harold Vollrath and Charlie Winters traded copy negatives of their
collections to each other, but this is mostly steam locomotives,
their mutual favorite subject.

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Bob McCarthy wrote:
     To recap I need good phone numbers and addresses for the
following people;
                   Bob's Photo,
                   P.O. Box 209,
                   Farmers, KY 40319          for CofGa Door and
Half Boxcar #6357
This address is good AFAIK.

                   Charles Winters
                   Kansas City, KS ????     for CofGa Door and a
Boxcar #6427
Charles is deceased but I believe Harold Vollrath has the
collection now; and Joe Collias has prints of many of the images

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