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Anyone have any info regarding the below-referenced FDDM&S cars?


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Subject: [cnw] FDDM&S Freight Cars
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Date: Monday, October 27, 2008, 5:36 PM

The C&NW Historical Society is looking at possible models to produce in the

future. Among the possibilities are two Ft. Dodge Des Moines & Southern

cars. We have information on the cars' history from the AFE's but we are

lacking photographs.

#13-20 2-Bay Steel Hopper Cars, USRA 50-ton. Former L&N cars. A photo by

Jim Sands is on rrpicturearchives. net. I am looking for additional

photographs that show the lettering and logo in better detail. These photos

of #18 appear to show lettering for ballast service.

http://www.rrpictur earchives. net/showPicture. aspx?id=99003

http://www.rrpictur earchives. net/showPicture. aspx?id=70140

#15000-15106 Steel Box Cars, rebuilt USRA. These are former Rock Island

cars purchased in 1957. Again, we have a couple of scans posted by Jim

Sands. We are looking for additional photos of these cars showing the end

lettering and better shots of the side lettering. Did these have Viking


http://www.rrpictur earchives. net/showPicture. aspx?id=99176

http://www.rrpictur earchives. net/showPicture. aspx?id=68669

Just for fun. #X28 (MOW service) appears to be from the same group of cars

so if someone has shots of this car's roof it might help. This car has been

repainted (no lettering) by Boone & Scenic Valley since this photo was


http://www.rrpictur earchives. net/showPicture. aspx?id=76224

Please feel forward this request as appropriate. If you have some Ft. Dodge

slides or photos that show cars in these series, please get in touch with


Thank you,

Erich Russ

C&NWHS Vice President

Modelling Committee Chairman

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