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     A group of us are working to reproduce a highly
detailed Central of Georgia Door and a Half 40 ' boxcar in Scale S.
    The president of the Central of Georgia Historical Society
provided a lead on images of boxcar #6715 showing both sides.  It is
a Paul Dunn photo in Richard Burg's collection.
     If anyone knows how to reach Richard please forward that
information to me.  A phone number/email address would be appreciated.
    When I am finished with it, I will post a how to  build it
article for anyone to use.  See attached photo of these boxcars. 
They were built in 1941, 1944 and 1947.
Bob McCarthy
Modeling the Mighty Central of Georgia in Scale S
Bob McCarthy

Well, I'm out here, and new to the group. My email is
cinderandeight@..., and your project sounds interesting

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