Re: Seeking Good Phone Numbers for Burg, Bob's Photo, and Paul Dunn

Ed Hawkins

On Oct 28, 2008, at 5:46 AM, Gatwood, Elden J SAD wrote:

Is Dick Kuelbs still providing photos, and if not, who has his

Also, who currently administers Paul Winters' collection?


Elden Gatwood
Dick Kuelbs has his slide collection. As can be seen in selected
volumes of RP CYC and the MPHS Eagle publication, Dick has been kind to
share some of his slides with me to support various articles. Many
years ago he loaned his original slides to Al Chione, who in turn
offered duplicates in his slide sets. Virtually everything Al Chione
offered that was photographed during the 1960s at Dallas or Fort Worth
was from Dick.

I've heard that Paul Winters' collection was in the hands of Morning
Sun Books, but this is strictly through the grapevine.
Ed Hawkins

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