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Don Worthy

OH Great, Ted, I've just ordered two of the CG door and half cars. Man, I've been really excited about these cars.
Thank you for your efforts
Don Worthy
Ivey, Ga.

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Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2008, 11:28 AM

I have some new things to announce. If you order them online, I
won't be shipping until next week when I get back from Naperville.
Here is the rundown:

Pere Marquette 88000-series single sheathed auto car
http://www.speedwit k111.htm

Central of Georgia 50' 1-1/2 door box car
http://www.speedwit k107.htm

Union Pacific welded underframe parts set (for Trix B-50-24/27 and
Sunshine B-50-32/33)
http://www.speedwit p105.htm

Louisville & nashville Postwar AAR box car
http://www.speedwit kc110.htm

Kansas City Southern "interim" AAR Box Car
http://www.speedwit k114.htm

UP B-50-24/27 box car decals
http://www.speedwit d125.htm

A&WP/W of A '37 AAR and A&WP/W of A/GaRR Emergency box car decals
http://www.speedwit d113.htm

PRR X31/X32 decals
http://www.speedwit d122.htm

ATSF Caswell gon decals
http://www.speedwit d115.htm

Thanks for listening... . er, reading.

Ted Culotta

Speedwitch Media
645 Tanner Marsh Road
Guilford, CT 06437
(203) 453-6174
info@speedwitch. com

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