True Line Trains stockcar?


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Ed Mines was nice enough to e-mail me privately to point out that I
was likely thinking of the ad in the November MR, and sure enough,
there it was right on my desk.

It appears they have created a new floor, underframe, details and
trucks for what was the LifeLike Canada P1K Dominion / Fowler boxcar,
then crafted new sides and doors to make the stockcar version. The pix
don't look bad, hope I can see them at Milwaukee Trainfest.

Thanks, Dennis
David Altbaum, owner of True Line Trains noted the following on another list (Thu Oct 9, 2008)

"With regards to the retooling project of the Fowler box and stock cars are concerned, these 2 projects have been put on hold until I get a clearer view of exactly what (detail & parts) was on the car. When I was given the original information for the retooling I sent it off to the factory and gave them the go ahead to tool. Then, well into the tooling (3 months later) I was advised that some of things that was on the information and already tooled was in fact not on the car and other information that had been tooled as it was on the original information was in fact not on the car.
The bottom line here is that my tens of thousands of dollars for the work already done is out the window and at this point in time there is too much changing information to continue.
I can tell you that the information I receive is from some of the best minds in our hobby and considered the brain trust. These people are bright and very trustworthy and I have a high regards and respect for them. They do the very best they can but sometimes there are projects that at the get-go the information is too sketchy but we try to plod ahead
If I decide to continue after I have recouped a substantial amount of money wasted on this project I will revisit it but for now it is on hold.
I will tell you that if and when I proceed it will be for both CN & CP but not at the same time.
Thank you very much for your input.
Yours Truly
David Altbaum"

I hope this helps clears the air as to the status of the project.

Peter Bowers

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