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Fritz Milhaupt

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Ted, nice to see a PM car being done. IMO they had a very interesting
looking boxcar fleet. I see I'll have to do some saving before I
can spring
for one of these models....

Dave Nelson

"Interesting" is a very kind way of putting it. Some of us might
phrase it as "frustrating combination of heights, ends and roofs" once
you get away from some of the steel boxcars...

I'm positively ecstatic to see this car come out. It's a signature car
of the PM boxcar fleet, and the only design of PM wooden boxcar to
still exist in any quantity. Examples still exist at the B&O Museum in
Baltimore, a park in Taylor, Michigan, the Steam Railroading Institute
(SRI) in Owosso, Michigan, and a couple on a stretch of neglected
track in Ludington, Michigan. The one at SRI was in pretty poor shape
when they got it, and the conventional thought is that it is beyond
reasonable repair.

I'm actually glad that it took a while to get this model out, since it
gave me a chance to stash away the money for the first ten I'll need...

-Fritz Milhaupt
Web Guy and Modeling Editor, Pere Marquette Historical Society, Inc.

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