Article of Interest - SP Flatcars

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

The Fall 2008 issue of the SP society's SP Trainline has a very
intersting article by Pat Bray on "How to Model a 1960s Era MUG
Train". As the title indicates, it's written in the context of cars in
service in the 1960s and covers some prototypes beyond the scope of
this list, but it does have write-ups on improving the appearance of
the Red Caboose Class F-70-7 flatcar, creative use of the Mantua/Tyco
50 ft flats (not to be confused with the ex-Lindberg flat in the
Mantua "Heavies" line) as stand-in models, and some really neat
scratchbuilding techniques for welded flatcars.

Ben Hom

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