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Greetings Group:

Thought I would take some time out this morning to let you all know the progress of the HO Scale Standard Tank Car project that I have been working on. It's done. No, this is not my attempt at humor. It's for real, the tank cars are in production and will be ready for shipment mid November ( It kind of resembles Sharon, PA around here. )

The first two tank car types that will be available are the 8K gallon 6 course radial course tank car, which will have decals for Spencer Kellogg; and the other car will be the 8K gallon two compartment car( two dome) which will have decals to represent GATX 1638. There will be 3 other versions to follow after these have been released. There will be an 8K Insulated version, an 8K 5 course radial car, and a 6K gallon radial course car.

The kit features are: one piece cast frame, one piece cast running boards, two part tank with dome(s) already cast into place. Etched brass steps, Intermountain and Tichy Train Group styrene parts for brake systems ( which include both "K" and "AB" brake systems), ladders, etc. Kadee #78 couplers and decals done by Ted Culotta of Speedwitch Media ( nicely done I might add ).

Instructions are being prepared at this time. I will be in Naperville accepting orders and also showing everyone how easy these kits are to put together. I will have a few production kits on hand for people to review and play with as well. The kits will retail for $49.00 plus $7.50 shipping and handling for up to 3 kits. And since there are always more than one tank car in a train, I will offer a baker's dozen to anyone willing to purchase 12 at one time. A bakers dozen is 13.

You will not find any of this information on the web site as it is under a complete re-construction at this time.

Last but certainly not least a Big Sincere Thank You goes to Mr. Richard Hendrickson and Mr. Gene Green for supplying the technical information and documentation to make this project happen. And also Ted Culotta for creating the artwork for the decals. Thank You Gentlemen.

Thank you all for your patience and I look forward to seeing those who will be in Naperville. Don't forget about Cocoa Beach guys, there will be lots of boxes filled with tankcars and I will debut another release there as well. ( hhmmm, i wonder which one it will be, the 6K car, the insulated car, only the Shadow knows ).

For additional information you can contact me at the3dworkshop@...

see ya,

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