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Hello Tom,

welcome to the wonderful world of Modelrailroading in Marklin-

basically, Marklin and Trix are the same, just that the Marklin is
AC-Version and Trix the DC-Version (reflecting the deeply rooted
of the german HO MR scene). If you decide to replace the
underframe, it is
the same work.

as for paint removal, I seriously doubt that this can be answered
destructive testing (of which you have provided a thorough base
I can try whether I have some success with some German products for
purpose on some leftover parts from a Trix boxcar which has been
reduced to
the sides in regards of useful parts (and even those require some
since they are neither scale 10´ nor 10´6", but something in

best regards


firmly on the DC side of the trench

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Union Pacific welded underframe parts set (for Trix B-50-24/27
Sunshine B-50-32/33)

UP B-50-24/27 box car decals
Are the Trix and Marklin B-50-24/27 the same? I bought two of the
Marklin models with the Be Specific with large UNION PACIFIC
when they first came out and would certainly use the above parts
decals to upgrade/backdate them. Problem is, I was unable to
strip the
one Marklin I tried using any paint stripper on hand. (Brake
Chameleon, Scalecoat, all with ultrasonic, alcohol without
I finally tried a light, low-angle grit blast, but that removed
rivets as well as the paint. So now I have one. Any ideas??

Tom Madden

Just a thought.
I'm going to be in Naperville at the PMC all this weekend and will as
usual bring along my photos to share. I'm particularily well stocked
this year, and will have over 11000 5X7 prints with me, so stop by
and check them out in the vendor's room and chat freight cars with me.
As mentioned in a previous post, I am looking for photos of Michigan
Central freight cars for a project. I'll have the binder of my
photos collected to date with me if anyone is interested. There are
many of Lot numbers I still lack photos for. In some cases other
lots were essencially identical cars, but in a few cases I've never
seen what a given design looks like beyond the car diagrams. I'm
including a good number of pre-Lot system (1906) photos as well.
Rich Burg

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