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In 2004/5 Canadian Hobbycraft offered 36 ft Fowler stock car and box
cars decorated for CP and CN (multiple numbers) and packaged in Proto
1000 Series DX limited Edition display window individual boxes.
Cars feature amoung other items: diecast chassis with seperate valve,
cylinder, reservoir, Simplex bolster trucks w/ribbed back wheel
sets, "3-D Z-bars", metal grab irons, P2K couplers. The chassis is
engraved "property of Hobbycraft Canada - Made in China". Stock
cars have AB brakes whhile box cars have K.

J. Greedy

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I saw that too, and I also found a web site that listed a 36'
Fowler stock car from

Proto 1000.

The Canadian Model Trains web site does not list the TLT stock car.


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Someplace within the last several weeks I read a message that had a
link to a photo of the up and coming Ture Line Trains CP 36'
Was it here? I can't seem to find a photo of the model anywhere.

The same message also had something about a True Line Trains 36'
Dominion / Fowler boxcar. Is this a new effort, or the LifeLike of
Canada effort warmed over?



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