SP A-50-4 single sheathed auto car

Mark Pierce <marcoperforar@...>

I picked up my accumulated vaction-hold mail at the Post Office today
and found that the SPH&TS convention car was included. This is the
Speedwitch Media kit of the A-50-4, 40' single sheathed automobile
car. It represents the upgraded version with steel ends, widened door
openings, and under-door stiffeners. It is a beautiful kit of a very
interesting prototype.

I want to build it as a 1950 version, ala Pacific Lines. By this time,
I understand, the cars were not in automobile service and so lacked the
white door stripe and the words "AUTO LOADER". But I wonder, was the
word AUTOMOBILE on the two sides still appropriate for 1950? Also, any
other advice to make it fit into 1950 would be appreciated. Thanks!

Mark Pierce

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