Station & Reweigh Symbols revisited

Frank Greene

A little research this AM led me to "Station & Reweigh Symbols.xls", Jim Brewer's list in the Files. My thanks to Jim for compiling the list and his contributors for sharing their knowledge.

To add a little to the list's accuracy, Line 1543, Southern symbol "N": Norris Yard is in Irondale, AL (near Birmingham), not S. Carolina.

In addition, Line 1545, symbol "WBY" is not identified and certainly isn't intuitively obvious. Searching a 1912 station list at didn't reveal the symbol, but it could be West Baden, IN (a yard). A really remote possibility is W&B Railway Crossing at Blocton, AL, but it's nothing more than a crossing with the Woodstock & Blocton Railway. Maybe someone out there has definitive information.


Frank Greene
Memphis, TN

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