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Wood running boards were "grandfathered in" on cars originally built
before Jan 1, 1944. In most cases, but not all, cars built before a
change in interchange rules were allowed to run their useful lives
with changes being required. The AAR and the RRs depended on
attrition to get rid of out-of-date cars.

Gene Green

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So what was the date, in Innerchange, existing Wood Running Boards
on Cars built before Jan 1 1944 had to be Replaced with Steel then?

Ron Smith
Carman UPRR

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1945 wood running boards outlawed on new cars O'Connor, Tim

Rule 3, Section (r), Paragraph (6) Running Boards, metal: All
complete new
installations to box and other house cars (including type "LO"
covered hopper
cars) on or after January 1, 1944, must comply with the following
specifications for Running Boards Other Than Wood, for Box and
Other House Cars,
adopted as Standard Practice in 1943. In Interchange.

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Guy Wilber
Brown Deer, WI

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