Re: Source For Older Freight Car Books

Adrian Hundhausen

Thanks Bob, those are useful and I have passed the info on to the
earlyrail site as well.


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The on-line Internet Archive ( )
older publications that you may read as flip books or download
as a scanned documents or PDF files. The PDF versions take a while
download but are the easiest to read and copy text from.

I found two books under the subject "freight cars":

Freight Car Equipment: A Reference Book for Car Men on Freight Car
Work, Describing and Illustrating ... the Different Kinds of
Cars Now Built and Various Devices Used in Their Construction and
By Frederick J Krueger
Published by , 1910
Modern Freight Car Estimating: Containing Necessary Information and
Tables Appertaining to the Proper Method of Compiling Correct
Estimates on Freight Equipment ...
By O. M. Stimson
Published by Press of C.P. Byrd, 1897

These are two freight car references to add to your library at no
cost. There are more railroad books (and film clips) on the
Archive site.

Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

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