Re: Wooden Craftsman Kits

Spen Kellogg <spenkellogg@...>

lnerj72 wrote:

Hi Everyone,
A quick question, I am about to start on some wooden
freight car kits from various manufacturers (Pacific Pike, Ambroid,
Juneco, etc) and I was wondering what would be the best glue to use
for the wooden portions? Weld-bond, yellow carpenters glue, regular
white glue, CA?
I am thinking about using Weld-Bond as it seems to be the crazy glue
of white glues.

I have had very good luck using a canopy glue from Pacer. I don't have any handy so I am not sure of the name, but it starts with Formula and then a number. It's very similar to white glue. That is a trick I learned from Scotty Mason.

Regards, Spen Kellogg

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