Re: Wooden Craftsman Kits


I have Ambroid kits I built 40 years ago. I used Ambroid's cement without
incident. Apply several coats of sanding sealer to the model before painting
(sand between each coat) then there is no issue with water or decal solvent
being absorbed by the wood. It works best if the sealer is applied after the
basic car is built but before the detail parts are added.

Rich Orr

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The oldest wooden models I have on the layout are about 30 years old.
I built them with plain old Elmer's White Glue. The stuff holds up
well over the years. However, if you apply decals to an assembled
model, it will come apart. White glue is water soluble. The water
also swells the wood and that doesn't help things either. To avoid
this problem paint and decal the sides or other components before

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Hi Everyone,
A quick question, I am about to start on some wooden
freight car kits from various manufacturers (Pacific Pike, Ambroid,
Juneco, etc) and I was wondering what would be the best glue to use
for the wooden portions?


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