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You'll need 1 - 1 1/2 foot extensions added to the top of the "standard"

Al Kresse
Which "standard" car?

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

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First off a question: they aren't in the Revenue Freight cars book, but do
Atlas' 70-ton ore cars in Pere Marquette lettering (#39990A, road #CF1512;
#39991A, road #CF1523) have a prototype?

Beyond that, I've started poking through what's available in N scale to
determine what could be used as basis models for modelling PM freight
cars... here's the list I've made so far. If anyone has tips for others,
or better solutions to the ones I've listed, I'd love to hear it!

14000-14499 - Microtrains twin hopper: The picture on the website is
small, but looks right at a quick inspection.

16000-16099 - Red Caboose USRA flatcar: overall a good basis I think, only
would have to rearrange the stake pockets and the brake staff to make an
accurate model.

17250-17649 - Intermountain USRA drop-bottom gon: I think this will need a
little bit of tweaking, but the general appearance looks right. I picked
one of these kits up today, so will be attempting to build one of these
cars first.

20050-20149 - Deluxe Innovations ACF 2-Bay covered hopper: The pictures on
the website are small, but overall look right enough to use as a basis for
these PM cars

72200-72399 - Intermountain 50' AAR double-door boxcar: this would I think
be a standin at best, judging from the photos of the model (which are
here, too, almost uselessly small on the website, so it may be better than
I think, or conversely worse than I think).

80000-81999 - Atlas USRA double-sheath car: pretty much as-is, I think,
apart from detailing.

82000-83499 - Red Caboose X29 with Dreadnaught ends and Youngstown doors:
the handbrake and roof are wrong, but this is probably fixable. The
dimensions of the X29 and the 82000srs cars are pretty close (in the April
1942 ORER), and appearance-wise, it looks like this model could serve
(with modification) to represent the first PM all-steel boxcars.

84100-84399 - Intermountain 40' 1937 AAR boxcar. With IM's interchangeable
parts, the differences in ends and doors shouldn't be an issue, I don't
think, if they have a 4/5 W end and both 7-panel Superior and 5-7-5
Youngstown doors.

86000-87499 - Atlas USRA double-sheath car: for the single-door versions
the Atlas car could serve as a starting point for a kitbash. The Vulcan
and Hutchins ends would of course have to be scratchbuilt, and steel-door
versions would need the doors changed... even the door-and-a-half versions
could be done, I think, with the Atlas model as a basis. I'm planning to
do several of these over the next while (as I can get my hands on the

That's it for now, still need to look at available steel gondola models.
If there's one or two available that could serve as basis models, I think
with a bit of effort a good representation of the PM's freight car fleet
can be made in 1:160. :)

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC


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Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

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