Re: 36' Fowler/Dominion cars and "almosts"...

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I've been poking around trying to compile a list of 36' "Fowler" cars...
I've gotten to a stage now where I've got a short list of definitely
Fowler/Dominion cars, and a longer list of possibles (of which I'm
sure a
number are actually DS cars, but can't tell that from the ORER info...)

SOO 12800-14298*

Now, the others I'm not certain of, but tend to assume so based on
evidence of other Fowler series with the road (or with the parent/close
relative road):
DSS&A 11067-11569
DS wood underframe cars. The South Shore had no single sheathed cars

SOO 28312+28456, 106600-107908, 108056-109908
28300-28498 (even) 30 ton DS wood automobile cars built by AC&F in 1910

106600-107908 (even) 30 ton DS boxcars built in 1905 - 06 for
Wisconsin Central and renumbered; can't find the builder without the
original WC numbers.

108056-109908 (even) 30 ton DS boxcar built in 1908 - 09 for WC.


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