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what would be the best glue to use
for the wooden portions?
I liked to use white glue when I first started building wood models 30
years ago but I found that some model railroad paints (Floquil)
wouldn't cover the glue joints.

Prior to assembly I now seal wood with diluted Scalecoat sanding sealer
(without stiring in the pigment from the bottom) or diluted Ambroid
cement (MEK as thinner). Usually I sprayed both sides of the wood with
either of the coating solutions; in the beginning the wood will soak it
up like a sponge soaks up water. If you only coat one side it is apt to
curl up.

I like to use Ambroid cement for assembly. Some of the newer ones
mentioned might be as good or even better.

Don't spray car assembled with Ambroid cement with either of the
coatings mentioned above. The MEK will dissolve the glue joints.

Sealing the wood is important. I've seen wood sides shrink enought so
gaps between pieces can easily be seen. I had sides warp from decal
setting solution too.

In additions to the sealents mentioned above I successfully used a
waterborne sealent sold by Floquil, shellac, and a polyurethane wood
sealer - all for sealing wood. Don't mix them though. MEK redissolved
the polyurethane sealent ruining some wood parts.


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