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Michael Aufderheide

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<CIL 2000-3600 (or were these the Monon SU cars?)The SU cars were different cars, the 8000 series, retired by the end of 1940.  The 36 ft howe truss cars were in three series due to rebuilding:Originally 2000-2899 blt Haskell & Barker 1912-14 (gone by 1942)
3149-3339 rebuilt from 2000 series 1927 (new ends) (gone by 1942)3400-3600 rebuilt from 2000 series  1927 (no reason why on diagram) (gone by 1949)
 Some were also converted to stock cars: 6200-6249.The boxcars are similar to the NC&StL 15100-16099  series (XM-17?)and there has been speculation that the Monon piggybacked an order with them.  The Monon cars are 1" shorter at 8'-0" and have a cu ft of  2482 built in 1912-14.  I don't know what the NC&StL build dates are for comparison.
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