Re: UP Frt Conductor Book Data...a quick look

Richard Hendrickson

Jeff Aley writes, about Mike Brock's UP consist data:

Twelve of the 19 cars were gons, including some from eastern
roads. I find this surprising even though I've been known to chant the
Henrickson mantra of the West: "more gons than hoppers...more gons than

Any helium cars? You've got 7 hoppers, and we all know that
Richard claims there were more helium cars than hoppers (in the West, at
I never claimed this was true "in the west," certainly not on Sherman Hill
(which, as we've previously established, is only marginally in the real
west), only in the Los Angeles area. And if you're going to mis-quote me,
at least spell my name right.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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