Re: from 40' 6' to 50' 6" box cars



I agree on the Lt Wt issue. They experimented with 0.075" thk HSLA steels just prior to the war and then re-upped the ga. again. HSLA (then called high tensile) steel was used in side-sheets but at the older std thicknesses.


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Frank Greene wrote:
Stronger, lighter materials allowed larger cars to be operated. More
freight could be hauled in one car for less cost. Chachinggg...
Nope to this one. Cars were still being built out of simple,
plain-carbon steel. Certainly design had improved, with far smaller
center sills once the ARA design became standard for all-steel box
cars. Even the slightly higher strength steels used in the 1960s did
not really change dimensions of structural parts. And "lighter?" Nope.

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