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Brian J Carlson <brian@...>

The MP took full control of the I-GN in 1956 cars started to be repainted
at that time. More problematic for the mid 1950's modeler is starting in
1949 the buzzsaw herald was changed from 25" to 42" and the "Route of the
Eagles" slogan was added. I've had conversations with Ed Hawkins and it was
rare for the older scheme to survive until my 1957 era. If you are modeling
1953 or earlier it may be more likely. you also need a universal power hand
brake for the cars. Some cars did get 50 ton trucks later in life, however,
I do not know how many.

The MP and subsidiaries still had 2928 of these cars in 1957, approximately
10% of their fleet. I need 2 for my layout. I am waiting for Atlas to do
these cars in the later Route of the Eagles scheme.

Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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I am looking to upgrade my new Atlas model for the mid 50s time period
and have several ? How long did the MP subsidiaries retain their
reporting marks ? Did they receive the "Route of the Eagles slogan ?
The capacity of the Atlas model is 40 tons, is this correct for the
50s time frame or were the car capacities upgraded.

Thanks in advance for your responses
Dave Bachand

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