Re: I-GN 1932 ARA Upgrades

Ed Hawkins

On Nov 5, 2008, at 6:54 PM, David Bachand wrote:

am looking to upgrade my new Atlas model for the mid 50s time period
and have several ? How long did the MP subsidiaries retain their
reporting marks ? Did they receive the "Route of the Eagles slogan ?
The capacity of the Atlas model is 40 tons, is this correct for the
50s time frame or were the car capacities upgraded.

Thanks in advance for your responses
Dave Bachand
The MP subsidiary lines continued until 1956 when the railroad came out
of receivership. It took at least a couple of years thereafter for all
of the cars to have the reporting marks changed. Cars repainted after
6/49 received Route of the Eagles slogans and larger 42" diameter
"buzzsaw" emblems. The cars originally had 40-ton trucks. According to
the 4/51 ORER, there were 296 of the original 300 cars (series
17001-17300) still in service. Of these, 265 had 50-ton trucks and 31
cars had 40-ton trucks. According to the MP diagram for these cars,
some 40-ton cars had cast iron wheels while other 40-ton cars and all
50-ton cars had steel wheels. I do not have any information that
specifies the quantity of cars and car number assignments of the
different types of wheels. The 4/51 ORER has a note specifying the 31
car numbers having 40-ton trucks.

The 4/55 ORER provides similar information on the I-GN cars, which at
the time had 266 50-ton cars and 28 40-ton cars in service.

By the way, as far as I can tell all of the M.P. 1932 ARA box cars came
with 50-ton trucks.
Ed Hawkins

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