Re: HO ATSF 5000 Class 2-10-4

Schuyler Larrabee

Hmmm. Not seen on the Bachmann website, nor on Rivarossi . . .


This is not a freight car, of course, but Bachmann has made an HO ATSF
2-10-4. It is not entirely correct, as they used their ATSF 4-8-4
boiler on a 2-10-4 frame (from what I've heard).

John Thompson

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Who currently makes an, HO ATSF 5000 Class 2-10-4 ?

I got an, "Historic Rail", catalog in the mail today and on the back
cover there is one shown, but no manufacturer, as they often don't
list. I couldn't get them by phone tonight.

I searched google, etc., and can't find any current maker of one.
Anyone know?

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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