Atlas 1932 ARA Clinchfield car

Brian J Carlson <brian@...>

I'm posting this as a public service advisory. I wanted to finish off my
Clinchfield 1932 ARA car for my layout tonight. I already changed the triple
valve, cut levers, reweigh and re pack date, and added PSC air hoses and

The only thing left was to change the trucks to spring plankless trucks,
(the car comes with 50 ton spring plank trucks) so I grabbed a pair of P2k
trucks I had left over. It turns out Atlas doesn't use the same standard
bolster as other freight car so I had to remove material from the inside of
the truck screw hole. Also, Atlas trucks sit higher than normal trucks so I
had to add Kadee fiber washers to get the car to sit at the right height.
The washers also had to have the hole enlarged to fit over the bolster.
Finally, Atlas uses a shouldered (not sure if that is the right word) screw
that will not snug down to the P2k truck, and the 3/16 screws I have are too
long, so I have to get other screws. What should have been a 2 minute truck
swap has turned into an hour long project, that I will have to finish later
once I get new screws. Why don't Atlas use the same bolster and truck
mounting as other manufacturers?

Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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