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Santa Fe had 4 separate groups of 2-10-4's, two were "one of a kind(s)";
3829, the world's first 2-10-4, built by Baldwin based upon the?3800 class 2-10-2 design, and?has been done in brass by Key, and recently in?plastic by Broadway Limited???

5000 "Madame Queen" 1929 Baldwin,?done by Hallmark models and recently by Coach Yard in several rebuilt versions.? The prototype 5000 is currently cosmetically restored and on display in Ammarillo,TX

The 5001 class (5001-5010) Baldwin 1938, with 74" drivers, done in brass by Westside Models as part of the
big three set, and again by Hallmark as a "Super Crown" in various versions in both HO & N scale.

5011 class (5011-5035)?Baldwin 1944-45, again with 74" drivers 56' tenders, several runs by PFM as a Tenshado "crown" & PFM United,?Hallmark Super Crowns, and most recently Global Imports.?This class was also done in O scale way back.

The Bachman 2-10-4 is a poor earlier?attempt at the 5011 class using the 3776/2900 class boiler casting and the NYC 4-8-4 centipeed tender.? Any of the other offerings would be a far better choice.

In the interest of this discussion group, the Madame Queen is conceptually more of?a "super power Bershire" with the benefit of an extra driver and more boiler HP.? Operationally, it helped?the shift from the drag freight era to high speed freight movement.??When new, the?freight cars seen behind?Madame Queen?would more likely be older 1920's built steel framed composite cars.? Only it's arrival on the eve of the Depression prevented follow-on orders.? The 5001's & 5011's are conceptually more of an oversized 4-8-4 and were known?for their speed and power.? Their "signature freight train" would be long strings of?reefers, mostly steel ice cooled reefers.?

Tom Casey?????

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Who currently makes an, HO ATSF 5000 Class 2-10-4 ?

I got an, "Historic Rail", catalog in the mail today and on the back
cover there is one shown, but no manufacturer, as they often don't
list. I couldn't get them by phone tonight.

I searched google, etc., and can't find any current maker of one.
Anyone know?

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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