Re: HO ATSF 5000 Class 2-10-4

Paul Hillman

Oops!! Apology to Mike Brock & group. I thought I'd posted this to the Steam Loco Group, but thanks for all of the inputs.

The HistoricRail photo is of a #5026 ATSF 2-10-4. Says, "Newly Tooled", die-cast boiler etc. Never bought from HistoricRail but get their catalogs. They often don't list the manufacturer of models. Will try to call them again later. They list it for $169.00. Want to check out the maker's info first.

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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Paul;Go to Bachmanns website,<> , go to the products tab, Ho Scale, Steam Engines, and in the product or keyword search, type in 2-10-4. That will call up 4 versions scheduled for delivery in '09.Steve StullWinslow 7076Who currently makes an, HO ATSF 5000 Class 2-10-4 ?I searched google, etc., and can't find any current maker of one. Anyone know? Thanks, Paul Hillman

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