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Brian, I've had similar problems when changing trucks on Atlas cars.
It's a major project. A better question is, why doesn't Atlas
conform to NMRA standards with regard to bolster height and truck
mounting dimensions.
Richard, That is really what I meant in my poorly worded email. Most
manufacturers follow those standars why doesn't Atlas. I think on
some of
there early cars they did. I also need to apologize for my poor
grammer in
the email "Why don't Atlas use.." yeesh.

Brian Carlson
Actually, no. The only wisdom the NMRA has on the subject is RP-23,
last revised in August of 1961. RP-23 calls for the centerplate to be
5/16" (.3125") above the rails, with a .089" diameter hole.

The defacto industry standard for the last twenty years has been the
centerplate .290" / .300" above the rails, with a hole that provides
clearance on an 1/8" boss, .126" / .130".

What are the dimensions of the new Atlas trucks? If they are too high,
they may be doing exactly what you askā€¦


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