Re: 36' Fowler/Dominion cars and "almosts"...


Yeah, of the stock cars I hadn't yet started - I was sticking with boxcars
for the moment - I have photos of Quebec Central, PGE and other Canadian
Fowler stock cars, too.

But you did remind me that there's the PGE cars, too. The January 1953
ORER listing only mentions 3510 and 3511, but I have a scan of a photo (I
think from a CBC) of #3529 that clearly shows a Fowler. I don't know what
the full number series was, as nothing is listed for the PGE in the April

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

I won't begin to claim any deep knowledge of Fowler cars, but I noted the
list was missing Pacific Great Eastern. Their ORER listing in Jan. 1948
says:"freight cars owned are only used in switching service with direct
an earlier listing (Oct. 1937) states "cars are not employed in interstate
commerce".. I have four shots of PGE stock cars (555, 562, 575 & 588),
all of
which look like Fowler cars.
Rich Burg
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Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

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