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Ed Hawkins

On Nov 6, 2008, at 5:45 AM, Jerry Glow wrote:

According to the info sheet with the handout GM&O had these cars in 2
number series (5000 and 8000) and that the ends and roof were black on
the 8000s and BC red on the 5000s. I checked the ORER and all
dimensions match. Are these series the same details? My friend and I
would like to do them as both variations if possible.
Both series of GM&O 1937 AAR box cars were built by AC&F. As built,
series 8000-8999 (9-40) had sides painted oxide red with black ends
roof, underframe & trucks. White stencils. Youngstown doors.

Series 5000-5683 (5-42) had sides & ends painted freight car red
(medium box car red). Black ends roof, underframe & trucks. White
stencils. All cars except 5683 had Youngstown doors. Car 5683 had
Superior doors.

All cars from both series had Equipco hand brakes & Apex r/b & b/s.

What caused these cars to be a bit unusual were the 9-rung side & end
ladders. However, the side ladders weren't the same for both groups of
cars. Series 5000-5683 had side ladders with vertical members that
extended nearly to the edge of the roof. At the top there was almost
enough distance for a 10th rung. The 8000-8999 series had shorter
vertical ladder supports that ended just above the top rung. In both
series the end ladders were the same length as the side ladders on the
8000-series cars.

Builder's photos (albeit small size) from both series were shown in the
July 1991 Railmodel Journal. Hope this helps.
Ed Hawkins

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