Re: Atlas 1932 ARA Clinchfield car

Ray Breyer

Hi guys,

This very same question popped up on the Atlas forum a couple of months ago. Atlas replied in essence, "We inherited the bolster design from the dark ages of the company, and decided to cheap out and keep it instead of retooling."

Ray Breyer

Richard Hendrickson <rhendrickson@...> wrote:
On Nov 5, 2008, at 8:23 PM, Brian J Carlson wrote:
....What should have been a 2 minute truck
swap has turned into an hour long project, that I will have to
finish later once I get new screws. Why don't Atlas use the
> same bolster and truck mounting as other manufacturers?

Brian, I've had similar problems when changing trucks on Atlas cars.
It's a major project. A better question is, why doesn't Atlas
conform to NMRA standards with regard to bolster height and truck
mounting dimensions. Granted, the NMRA standards committee is now
little more than a bad joke, but those standards have existed for a
long time and are still followed (more or less, at least) by almost
all other manufacturers. Atlas appears to be thumbing their
collective noses at those of us who aren't content to just pop the
model out of the box and put it on the track, regardless of whether
the trucks are prototypically correct.

Richard Hendrickson

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