Re: F&C kits

Gatwood, Elden J SAD

_ Folks;

I just finished one of the F&C B&M well flats, and have to say it was great
fun. It is a nice little kit, and is so different from what I have been
building that it was very entertaining. If you have not built one of these,
you may want to try one.

I am also in process on one of F&C's PRR X26C kits, and find it to be one of
the best resin kits I have worked on. The one-piece body casting is very
nice, with no bowing or skew. The ladders and roofwalk are weak, but I
replace them regularly on most everything, so no big deal. I am looking
forward to this!

If you have not built any F&C kits recently, you ought to pick one up. They
fill out some gaps in your fleet quite nicely.

Elden Gatwood

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