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Paul Lyons


I just ot off the phone with Jimmy Booth of Hi-Tech Details. There area actually two different air hose castings. The ones I need are on the way to me. I should be able to finish a model next week in the manner I discribed in the post. I will send a photo or post one to the web site.

They should work for passenger cars.


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I received your post on the STMFC Yahoogroups mailout. Good post.
I'm wondering if these hoses will do for passenger cars. I'm working
on an Amtrak passenger train consist and i hated the usual magnetic
hookup gadget under the couplers. This new airhose looks like it
might work. But...are they for passenger cars or just freight ???
And took did you take any photos of your work ??? I'd like to see
what you've done so far.


Andy and List,

When?I first saw them at the NMRA National show several months ago,
I was also "brown away". However, after experimenting with them for
the last two weeks, I have to say there?are some issues. The big
issue is their attachment. There is a "pin" that is part of the
moulding that I am assuming is for their attachment to the
underframe. I have not spoken to Jimmy about this because I
am?traveling?as usual, and again out of the country, but the "pin"
has some benefits and some problems. The?"pin" is located?very close
to the angle cock and thus when mounted the projection of the
hose?from the end is no where near prototypical.?Great for
operations, but?leaving a lot to be desired for prototypical
looks.?However, I have one car completed this way and it looks
pretty good. What I am presently trying to?do is "marry" these hoses
with the "new"?PSC bracket casting?and then I think we might at last
have the FINAL answer to an age old problem. The problem with trying
to mount the hose to the bracket is that the "pin" is now in the
way. I am in the process of trimimng the "pin" down to a size where
it will pop through the hole in the bracket, but not be able to back
itself out----sort of like the way Kadee attaches parts on their
PS-1. It am also trying all kinds of adheasives to see what will
work will real rubber. Any thoughts here woud be greatly
appreicated. On the completed car I used Cool Chem to mount the
noses and that seems to have worked fine, but it is one of my least
favorite glues.?I am?yet to paint them?to see if they will "hold"
paint-I have my doubts.

In closing, these are a far better idea than plastic or brass air
hose if we can make them work. Please buy some, the more folks
working on the issues the better.

Paul Lyons
Laguna Niguel, CA
Daiquiri St John

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