Re(2): PSC angle cock brackets and Hi-Tech air hoses.

Daiquiri St John <daiquiri@...>

I've been questioning others about these hoses being manufactured in Passenger car hoses. Haven't been able t find any so far. One other question is, how do you connect them together in a consist. If permanently attached together that's good to, however, if you wanted to rearrange a consist how would you get them loose ??? And then, reconnected ???


Can anyone clarify the PSC part number for the angle brackets and/or
post where they are available?

I have painted a few sets of the Hi-Tech hoses with Poly Scale Acrylic
paints and the paint holds very well. I have abused the attached part
with a pencil to show customers their resilience and I have had no
issues with paint coming off the valve or glad hand. Time will tell
but for now they appear to hold up to abuse admirably.

Jerry Jackson
Kissimmee, FL


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