Re: 36 Foot Side Door Gondola

Jeffrey White

Hi Ray,
According to the data book these are numbered X5500 to X5699. They were 330001 - 33095 when in revenue service. 1105 cubic feet capacity, 37' 10 1/8 inch long over the end sills. The drawing looks like an all steel car.

The book also shows a 40 ft car that was built by the IC, but there is no drawing of that car. Those cars were originally 340000-342998.

I'm modeling the 1950s. I'm thinking the Intermountain composite gon is a good start to kitbashing an IC composite gon and have two kits sitting on the shelf for that purpose.


Ray Breyer wrote:

Jeffrey White <jrwhite@... <>>
Built by SSS in 1906. Does anyone make a resin kit of this car?
I need a couple for cinder cars on my IC layout.
Hi Jeff,

Are you talking about the X6001-X6979 series of IC cinder cars? If so, I have a quality photo of X6120, and it looks like a scratch job. The only 32 foot gon on the market that I know of is the one marketed by O&W Shops, and it's no even close to the X6001's.

What time period are you modeling? These cars were essentially gone by 1930 (there were only 30 of them in 1927), so if you're modeling any time after the Depression, you might be better served by kitbashing a composite GS gon for cinder service (the Red Caboose lateral braces face the wrong way for IC cars)


Ray Breyer

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